Initial Legal Actions After Sustaining An Injury


An injury via unforeseen circumstances can turn your life 360 degrees, and if the injury is severe, it might be a hassle to get back to normal shape. Injuries are traumatic and seldom do you think about taking care of your legal rights in the days that follow after you get injured. However, taking care of your legal rights at the right time can help a lot with the expenses related to the injuries, be it physical or emotional. You can follow the steps explained below to save yourself a lot of time and effort if you are planning to sue someone for the injuries you have sustained. You can also follow bicycle accident attorney.

Police Reports

Incidents that have law enforcement involved in car accidents or bike accidents, the officials always make a report of the incident for future reference. You can always obtain a copy of the same which can come in handy for cases that involve personal injury. Before you attempt to sue the party that was the cause of your injury, make sure you get a copy of the report. A police report probably isn’t admissible in the civil court during your proceedings, but it can certainly help a lot while negotiating the personal injury related disputes. It can easily add up facts to help with the case that you might miss at times.

Preserve Evidence

The best way to preserve evidence related to any incident is to take notes of every element of the incident, from location to vehicles and people involved.…

Meeting a Personal Injury Attorney

When you first meet a personal injury attorney, your lawyer will want to know all the minute details that occurred during the incident to analyze the depth of the situation. The total length of the first meeting may vary according to the intensity of the situation. In simple, straightforward cases as bike accidents, car accidents, the initial meeting would be short, more so if you are prepared with all the related details. Complex cases such as medical malpractice or injuries sustained due to defective or expired products, the first meeting is rather time-consuming as the lawyer would require all the details to prove that the other party is liable.

How Does The Consultation Work?

The lawyer you are supposed to consult will ask you questions that include facts about your medical treatment or other people that were involved in the accident, any witness and so on. The same is followed by discussions related to the agreement of the representation, legal fees related to the case and any extra costs.

What To Expect From A Personal Injury Attorney?

  • The attorney you consult might ask you to sign some forms that authorize him to release related medical information held by your healthcare providers to drag the case on your behalf.
  • Your lawyer would want all the details related to your insurance coverage.
  • The lawyer will want to know if you have had a conversation with any media channel or interviewer regarding the incident. If you have done so, let him in on all the details of what you said, word by word.